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100% Chardonnay made from Dijon clone CY95.

Sourced from a single block; a small parcel of Chardonnay grapes growing on limestone soils in the Lower Duivenhoks River area.

Kershaw G.P.S. Lower Duivenhoks River Chardonnay 2020

  • Pale straw-yellow in colour. Gorgeous aromatic intensity displaying peach blossom, incense, white nectarine, red apple and a flutter of dried pineapple. Nudges of oat bran and oat flakes are also there. This wine is very much a juxtaposition of soft, gentle smoothness set alongside an incisive mineral acidity. Broader in the mid-palate contrasts with clean lines and focus that drives the wine along in the mouth. As the wine unfolds further there is a chalk dust texture, coated with supple tinned peach slices, pear flesh, satsuma peel and suggestions of pineapple, all gently enrobed with a creamy, light, spicy oak. On the extended finish, there is even a hint of lemon acid and pithiness adding further complexity to a hugely appealing wine. Certainly, one of the best Chardonnay vintages of the recent 10 years.

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